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A professional platform for personalmake an essay longer career and occupational advert

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Advertise your personal career on WorkParrots as if you were on TV with videos and pictures. Users post videos and pictures of their personal career and occupation. Work life will be made available to friends, acquaintances, followers or employers on WorkParrots. Two (2) minutes personal advert give users the opportunity to tell career and occupational stories in an effective need to buy a research paper way to promote their career to viewers. Job seekers profiles are made available publicly for employers to contact buy custom essay papers them and a 2 mins career advert is required or they can apply directly to job postings.

WorkParrots job seekers are “video applicants”, so cover letter is not available on this site to employers but 2 mins career advert, past project videos, pictures and a resume file.

Employers can post a job for applicants to submit their WorkParrots profiles with a 2 mins video explain their qualification for the job or employers can review and look-up available job seekers base on profession, years of experience, and location. WorkParrots endorses on-demand video cover letter, interviews, and the site will also serve as remote interview platform. The first version of this site gives an option to video applicant users to provide their skype account name as the company is developing a live video chat platform.

Professional that like talking about their work and sharing their experience with young professionals in their occupation will appreciate mentorship live video chat forum and online blackboard in the later version of this platform. Today, with WorkParrots you can chat about work, get employed or give back to your career professional community by mentoring young professional.
g is aimed to give people with advance experience to give back to their professional community.

If you have any suggestions on how to make your experience better on the next generation career development and empowerment platform, please contact us – info@workparrots.com